FESAC Annual Conference 2007 – Netherlands

The Foundation held its 2007 Annual General Meeting in the Netherlands. The Board Members and country delegates gathered in Nunspeet on Thursday 31st May for the opening dinner. The following day they transferred to the meeting hall at the “De Berkenhorst” range in Elspeet where the meeting commenced at 09:00 hours. This was the first annual meeting chaired by Mr. Petroni.

The organization was impeccable and the meeting ended on schedule at 17:00 hours in spite of the many speakers. Each country delegate gave an update on the situation in his/her country. FESAC advisor Jan van Driel briefed the Board on the latest news from Brussels and FESAC’s involvement in the negotiation process.

Mr. Petroni received a vote of confidence for the way in which he has transformed FESAC over the past months. FESAC is now regularly reported in the international media. Its juridical sub-committee is constantly in touch with the EU institutions. Mr. Petroni was unanimously re-elected Chairman and all Board members and delegates were re-confirmed in their posts. Two new sub-committees were set up (Public Relations and Think-Tank) and several new policies were discussed and approved.

At the end of the meeting the Board members unanimously voted to organize the next FESAC AGM in Malta during the month of June 2008 which also marked the Association’s 22nd anniversary.

On Saturday the Dutch hosts treated delegates to a visit to two museums located nearby – the Artillery and Cavalry museums of the Netherlands’ Army.

The following morning delegates visited a joint exhibition/fair organized for the occasion by members of the two Dutch clubs which are represented in FESAC – NVBIW – ‘Edouard de Beaumont’ (modern firearms) and VNW – Vereniging van Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars (antique firearms).

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