FESAC Annual Conference 2013 – Luxembourg

The traditional Annual Conference of FESAC took place this year in Luxembourg, from 29th May to 1st June 2013, where the country delegates, observers and consultants gathered in the beautiful town of Clervaux.

The Luxembourgish FESAC representative, the SCAL (Société des Collectionneurs d’Armes Lëtzebuerg) was the official organiser of the event. It had chosen Clervaux in the North of Luxembourg as the main venue for this years annual conference, on one hand for its natural, raw beauty, but also for its incredibly rich history and its importance during WWII, especially during the Battle of the Bulge.

Clervaux castle

View of Clervaux ©ONT

The first day was marked by the arrival of the guests and was followed by a welcome dinner at the Hotel International in Clervaux. Early arrivals used their available time to visit the small, but superb WWII museum, the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge in Clervaux.

On Thursday, the delegates and theirs spouses visited the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch. During this great guided visit, the delegates received highly detailed and interesting information as well as stories relating to one of the most complete and breathtakingly impressive collections of military machinery, equipment, light and heavy weaponry. The afternoon program consisted in the visit of the Vianden castle, which, with its distinct setting and breathtaking surroundings, but also its ancient arms collection was among the high points of the day.

Castle of Vianden

Vianden Castle ©Europe Video Production

The official FESAC annual congress took place over the whole next day. The delegates spouses were offered a guided visit of Clervaux or a wellness programm at the Hotel during this day.

On Saturday, the SCAL had organised a visit of the “M3E”, the museum of the “3 Eechelen”. This impressive ancient fortress, part of the UNESCO world heritage, was initially constructed 1732 under the Austrian occupation and has been consistently upgraded by the successive invaders of Luxembourg (the French, the Prussians, etc.). The FESAC representative and spouses received a guided tour of the fort, but also the surrounding subterranean constructions by the official museum representatives. The visit was completed by the “suprise FESAC celebrations“, which consisted in the presentation of a 20 year anniversary cake and the show-shooting by a couple of historical re-enactors with ancient breechloaders.

M3E - Musée 3 Glands Luxembourg

© Musée Dräi Eechelen

After lunch at the Youth Hostel of Luxembourg city, the delegates attended a “special guns” visit at the national museum of Luxembourg, during which were shown, among others, the quite rare SOLA SMG which was built in Luxembourg. The day was concluded by a typical Luxembourgish dinner at the Hotel in Clervaux.

Please check out the photos of the Luxembourg Annual Conference of 2013 herebelow.

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