FESAC Annual Conference 2014 – Finland

The annual FESAC meeting on June 6, 2014, was a huge success and held in an auditorium on a small military island (Santahamina) just off the coast of Finland. We welcomed a high ranking Police Officer as our guest. The weekend was equally busy with visits to the always busy Helsinki harbor, the Mannerheim Museum (one of Finland’s most successful military leaders), and the world-famous Pohjolainen collection. It is a visit that will be remembered by our meeting with the Prime Minister. Mr Jyrki Katainen at the Parliament Building, a tour of the Sako/Tikka factory (100.000 rifles manufactured annually), and our invitation to see the world’s largest gun collection. Another highlight was the formal dinner at the top floor of the Tower hotel in Helsinki.

It is very unfortunate our host for his meeting, who organized this so well, Mr. Jari Makinen, died later that year on the 17th of October.

He will always be remembered.

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