VHS (Vaabenhistorisk Selskab) / DAAS (Danish Arms & Armour Society)

VHS/DAAS was founded in 1932. We are a nationwide society with about 1700 members. The board has 9 members from different parts of the country (stated in the by-laws). The chairman is named President.

We have an annual general meeting, where matters of interest for the society are discussed, the board is elected and the annual balance is put forward for approval.

VHS/DAAS publish a magazine 8 times a year, with articles of interest for collectors, and announcements of meetings and lectures in VHS/DAAS. Once a year we publish a book with long articles about various subjects or about one particular subject. Both the magazine and the book are free of charge for members of VHS/DAAS.

Every year we arrange 4 to 6 auctions, for members only. These auctions are announced in the magazine with descriptions of each item, and stating a minimum price. In the provinces members have formed local groups, where they meet fellow members and talk about matters of common interest, or listen to lectures.

We have two hired people (part time) in the society. The one is the editor of the magazine and the other is an accountant.

Contact details:

President – Kay Søren Nielsen


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