The Arms Historic Society of Finland  РSuomen Asehistoriallinen Seura r.y. (SAHS)

Founded 13.7.1965, SAHS is based in the city of Tampere and has members all over Finland. The aim of SAHS is to act as a collective bond between gun collectors, to promote historical knowledge and research of guns and associated artifacts, and to preserve the cultural values involved. A further aim is to keep the aforementioned material in original condition.

To promote its values SAHS organizes meetings, displays, conferences, trips, and gives reports. SAHS conducts research on guns and related material, organizes practice or show shootings, and shooting competitions with old or black powder guns.

SAHS publishes relevant articles mainly through ASE-lehti, a Finnish language gun magazine.

SAHS represents Finland on a European level as a member of FESAC (Federation of the European Societies of Arms Collectors).

Firearms Law in Finland

Please click on this link to view an English language version of the Finnish law.  Please note, significant changes have been made to the law, which are not wholly reflected in this English language version. An update is being prepared. Visitors to the website will be notified once the latests English language translation is available.

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