Verband fuer Waffentechnik und – geschichte (VdW, Association for arms technique and – history)

VdW, Verband fuer Waffentechnik und – geschichte (association for arms technique and – history) was founded in 1969. Since that time it finds itself a service for collectors of arms and ammunition, experts, authorities, historians, hunters, and marksmen – for all persons who seriously deal with questions on arms.

VdW offers advice in all questions concerning laws on arms and explosives. Own experts are called on to advise authorities and elaborate evidence. They give advice to arms collectors concerning the building up of a collection according to law. They also are prepared to establish evidence on the value of a collection in case of a deceased collector.

VdW offers a quarterly magazine for ist members (ca. 3500 at the moment) called Waffenfreund, offers seminars, trips, and collectors meetings on a regional level.

VdW’s image is being a modern service institution for its members as it represents the interest of expert arms owners as well as those of persons who are just at the beginning of their collecting career.

In case of a conflict with the authorities VdW offers an insurance on legal protection concerning all questions of weapon ownership.

VdW’s structure is based on regional groups of collectors. By co-founding the shooters’ organisation VDS, VdW shows its concern for those engaged in shooting sports.

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Verband für Waffentechnik und –geschichte
Oststr. 154
D-40210 Düsseldorf
Tel.:+49 (211) 464844


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