SCAL, Societe des Collectionneurs d’Armes Lëtzebuerg


SCAL (Société des Collectionneurs d’armes Lëtzebuerg), a non-for-profit association incorporated under Luxembourgish law, was founded in 2004 in order to offer in Luxembourg an association representing the interests arms collectors. The SCAL regroups, among others, arms collectors and ammunition experts, hunters, marksmen and historians.

SCAL’s objectives are as follows:

  • To promote the interests of arms collectors in Luxembourg.
  • To organize meetings by inviting arms collectors.
  • To promote the international relationships with similar associations, in particular through the FESAC affiliation.
  • To organize shooting contests, i.a. with historical arms.
  • To promote the passion for historical weapons in relation to historical, cultural and social aspects.
  • To share members’ experiences gathered over years and make those available to the public.

Contact details:

SCAL – Société des Collectionneurs d’armes Lëtzebuerg
68, rue de Beggen
L-1220 Luxembourg


E-mail contact: