ANARMA – Asociación Nacional del Arma

The Asociación Nacional del Arma (ANARMA – National Arms Association of Spain) is a Spanish non-profit organisation which defends the ownership and recreational use of firearms by law-abiding citizens and foreign residents under national legislation. As current legislation is restrictive by nature, most effort is placed on the adaptation of national laws to the EU directive, and defending the rights of gun owners by legal means. Since self-defense is not considered as sufficient motive for acquiring a firearm licence (compulsory for all arms and related activities), the principal collectives represented by the association consist of precision and practical shooters, hunters and arms collectors.

The association was founded in 2003, after a proposed bill had threatened to introduce significant modifications to firearms regulations (firearms are governed by special regulations rather than statutory law). Although the initiative gained a fair share of acceptance at its inception, the fact the bill was never brought to a vote as well as internal conflicts, brought about its near dissolution.

The association’s resurgence took place in 2010, after presentation of a new bill, introducing important modifications to arms regulations, mobilised the principal affected groups. The association’s involvement in the process which led to the dismissal of most of these modifications, as well as its leading role in the withdrawal of another bill, this time on ammunition and pyrotechnic materials, helped it gain popularity among its target audience.

According to its constitution act, the association has two main objectives:

  • representing the interests of its members and
  • defending their rights and raising awareness among citizenship, as well as the institutions, in regard to the varied facets of firearms-related activities.

The association argues that Spanish authorities disregard their constitutional obligation to boost recreational sport activities, including those related to firearms. Another argument maintains that current legislation, let alone the proposed modifications, fails to meet EU regulations. The association also defends the preservation of national heritage, from made-in-Spain firearms, to related artisan and craftsmen trades such as sword-forging, considered to be nearly extinct.

The association is not associated with any political party or umbrella organisation, mostly because, unlike other organisations of its kind, it wouldn’t operate as a lobby. This is made possible by the fact that firearms manufacturers, in spite of many being members of ANARMA, are normally formally represented by other, professional associations, which protect their commercial interests. The association’s funding comes from membership fees and the sale of promotional items.

The association is a member of the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors (FESAC),which played a major role in the drawing up of European policy on gun laws.

On April 30th, 2012 ANARMA became a full member of the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights.

Contact details:

Avda. Guadalajara, 20
Local 20
28863, Cobeña, Madrid, Spain

President: Javier Arnaiz
FESAC representative: Marcel Salmans


E-mail contact: