The Board


mt Chairman – Stephen A. PETRONI

sap-2009-05-28-piediluco-150x150Stephen A. Petroni – born in Malta on 17 January 1959.
Company director.
Researcher of military history.
Collector of arms & militaria since 1973.
Founder “Arms, Armour & Militaria Society” in 1985 (now called AMACS – Association of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters) and still serving as its President.
Organised the first public exhibition of antique arms and militaria drawn from private sources in 1986.
Set up historical re-enactment in Malta in 1988 and target shooting with muzzle-loaders in 1989.
Led discussions with Government in 1991 aimed at revising Malta’s arms law and proposing new Arms Law based on the EU Directive.
In 1993 appointed by the Minister responsible for Sports and Culture to present proposal for new legislation.
Appointed by the Minister of Justice & the Arts in 1994 to sit on a Committee entrusted with studying Police policy with regard to gun legislation (Proposals presented to Cabinet and approved on 12 September 1995). Similar appointments in the following years.
Between 2002 and 2005 successfully negotiated the terms of the new legislation which became law in July 2005 (Arms Act 2005) and the Arms Licensing Regulations that came into effect along with the Act on 15th August 2006.
Appointed member of the Weapons Board, Ministry of Justice & Home Affairs.
Appointed Board Member of the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors (FESAC) and a member of its Juridical Committee in May 2006. Appointed Chairman FESAC on 3rd November 2006 and still serving.
Represented European collectors in the negotiations with the EU Institutions leading to the adoption of Amendments to the EU Firearms Directive.
Appointed Chairman of the International Legislative Committee of the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) in 2007.
Represents FESAC in the World Forum for the Future of Sports Shooting Activities (WFSA) and the European Sports Shooting Forum (ESSF).

de Deputy Chairman – Frank GOEPPER

Frank Göpper – born 1969.

Active Military Duty until 2001 (LtCol Army Reserve).

University of Cologne Law School.

Legal Trainee of Cologne Law School.

Lawyer specialized in Firearms and Explosives.

General Director of FWR (Association protection firearms owners rights) since 2009.

nl Secretary – Hanny SPRUIJT

spruijthannyHanny Spruijt – born in 1958 in Amsterdam.

Mother of a lovely girl named Paterson.

Started collecting firearms in the early eighties and her field of collecting is Colt firearms, with the emphasis on original percussion revolvers and Single Action Armies.

Life member of the Colt Collectors association, honorary life member of the NVBIW “Edouard de Beaumont” Society, and member of Vereniging Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars.

lu Treasurer – Pit KAISER

kaiserpitPit Kaiser – born 10 February 1960.

Married and father of 2 children. Living in Luxembourg, working for the State Museum of Luxembourg since 1994.

Arms collector since 1987.

Historical arms target shooter.

Founder and Chairman of SCAL (Société des Collectionneurs d’Armes Lëtzebuerg).





Full Name

at Dr. Hermann GERIG


Interessengemeinschaft liberales Waffenrecht in Österreich
be Mr. Frank RODYNS


Belgische Vereniging Van Wapenverzamelaars
gb Mr. Derek STIMPSON




Historical Breechloading Smallarms AssociationArms and Armour Society

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain

dk Mr. Kay Soren NIELSEN


Vaabenhistorisk Selskab
fi Mr. Juhani JOKINEN


Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura r.y.
dk Mr. Kay Soren NIELSEN


Vaabenhistorisk Selskab
fr Mr. Michael Magi


Union Française des Amateurs d’Armes
it Mr. Domenico PEVERI


Assoarmieri Nazionale Commercianti Caccia Pesca Sport
mt Mr. Shane A. HUNTER


Association of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters
no Mr. Halvard AASDALEN


Norsk Vlpenhistorisk Selskap
pt Mr. Rainer DAEHNHARDT


Sociedade Portuguesa De Armas Antigas
ro Mr. Gheorghe POP


Asociatia Nationala A Colectionarilor De Arme
es Mr. Marcel SALMANS


Asociación Nacional del Arma de España
se Mr. Jerry ANDERSON




Svenska Vapenstiftelsen

Göta Vapenhistoriska Sällskap

Svenska Vapenhistoriska Sällskapet

ch Mr. Markus HOLLIGER


Interessengemeinschaft Waffensammler Schweiz
 nl Mr. Jan-Paul LOEFF  V.N.W.


Vereniging Nederlandse Wapenverzamelaars

Nederlandse Vereniging ter Bevordering en Instandhouding van Wapenverzamelingen